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Noida Haat

Noida Haat is a notorious Crafts, Food Bazaar and cultural center in Delhi spread in a rambling territory of 10 sections of land at a prime, focal and available area in the mechanical city of Noida. Noida Haat / Hunar Haat Noida gives an extraordinary feeling of a “HAAT” idea (which is customarily the town market) mixed with the necessities of the contemporary current market. It is an ideal advantageous interaction of Handicrafts, Food, and Cultural exercises.

Why to Visit Hunar Haat Noida?

Anybody visiting this spot will naturally be inundated into the otherworldly universe of Indian Cultural Heritage and Art which is introduced through an intriguing scene of wonderful Crafts, mouth-watering Cuisine, and engaging Cultural exercises. In its entirety, it has ended up being an ideal spot where the guests can accompany their families to purchase ancient rarities as well as to unwind a lot themselves.

Noida Haat

The activity of the Noida Authority and a driven venture oversaw and worked by ITE Group Pvt. Ltd., Noida Haat is a Hunar Hub (a focal organization) arrangement to advance and support the Artisans, Weavers (Bun-kars), Handicraft and Handloom Manufacturers from everywhere the country so they can grandstand their local, utilitarian and ethnic items to the metropolitan group, along these lines additionally protecting the rich Cultural Heritage of India.

The HAAT market gives a sound and straightforward cooperation between the purchasers and merchants and furthermore screens the costs to keep them moderate and inside the span of the purchasers.

Noida Haat is an iconic crafts and food bazar or court spread in a sprawling area of 10 acres at a prime, central and accessible location in the industrial city.

Things not to do in Haat?

The finishing of the zone is consolidated with rich green plants, climbers, elaborate plants and bushes, and so on, subsequently making the entire complex an ideal green zone that is ideal concordance with the climate. NOIDA HAAT is an Eco-accommodating No Smoking – No Alcohol – No Plastic – No Gutka – Clean Environment zone as per the Swatch Bharat Campaign. Things are not allowed :

  • No Smoking
  • No Alcohol
  • No Plastic
  • No Gutka

The Hunar Haat arranges various Cultural occasions and shows intermittently all over time with the help and co-activity from different focal services and state Governing bodies, to celebrate various events/celebrations and advance the items so they contact an enormous number of individuals. The upcoming event or Noida haat fair is Noida Haat Mela 2022 or Noida Mahotsav 2022.

The famous Saras Aajeevika Mela 2022 is going to be organised at Noida haat and is going to focus on the theme of ‘tourism, tradition, art and culture’, and will be organised 2nd time in Noida from 25 February to 13 March 2022. 1st time it was organised in 2021.

From Kashmiri pashmina to southern silk, it is is a little tribute to the rich social variety of India. It is coordinated consistently by the Noida authority. This year it began on February 04, 2022, and will happen till February 21, 2022. It is is a one stop objective to look for dazzling conventional specialties from all provinces of India. You will find here dress material, home decorations, thick gems, cutlery and substantially more.

How to Reach Noida Haat or Hunar Haat Noida?

Address: D-10, Prakash Hospital Marg, Block D, Sector 32, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201307

Phone Number: +91 9318484636

Noida Haat Timings: Opening Time – 11:00 AM

                                           Closing Time – 10:30 PM

Parking: 1. Stadium Parking Lot

2. Authority parking

Banjara Market Noida Sector 33

The concept of banjara handicraft haat has come from various banjara markets across the country. The idea is to provide an organized marketplace and support small businesses. It is an amazing place to buy beautiful things as it is a place seeking admiration for art.

Chokhi Haveli or Chokhi Dhani Noida

The exact replica of Choki Dhani in Jaipur. Noida has it’s own mini Chokhi Haveli \ Chokhi Dhani in noida haat. The urban village experience in National Capital. Experience an authentic village ambience amid the chaos of urban life. Chokhi Dhani in Noida is the best place to enjoy during weekend or best place day outing near Noida.

Chokhi Dhani menu- Thali includes lip-smacking Rajasthani delicacies such as kadi chawal, daal bati choorma and kheer, etc.

Timings:  12 Noon – 10:00 PM

Phone Number: 09911112235, 09953611222

Address: Block D, Sector 33A, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201307

Shilp Haat Noida/ Shilp Utsav Noida

Shilp haat is a Rs 80-crore project built on the lines of Dilli Haat in New Delhi. The shilp haat is a one-stop venue for artisans from across the country to display, exhibit and sell their products.

Entry Fee for events at Noida haat:

INR 450 INR 350

Location Map : Noida Haat on Google Map

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